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  • Q: I have just been notified that I have been named in a lawsuit or that I am going to be sued. What do I do?

    Ans: If you have been contacted in regards to a lawsuit, or you suspect that you may be contacted in the future, it is important to contact us immediately, so we can proceed in your defense, if necessary.

    You can submit an online contact form​ or call us at 1-800-247-1500, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET. We will then forward your information to our underwriter, CNA. A CNA claim consultant will contact you by phone within 24-48 hours to explain next steps and discuss what attorney options are available to you.

    It is important that you make no attempt to contact the patient or the patient's attorney to discuss the subpoena or any other paperwork you may receive. Avoid the temptation to talk with your friends and colleagues about the subpoena. Your insurance provider should be the first person with whom you discuss the details of the subpoena.

  • Q: I am still involved in nursing, but I don't really do hands-on care. Am I still eligible for your coverage?

    Ans: As long as you have an active nursing license, you are eligible for coverage. Even if you’re not involved in hands-on care, it makes sense to insure yourself from a potential liability situation. For example, if you give advice to a friend, or aid a child in a schoolyard, you could be exposing yourself to a potential lawsuit.

    However, our coverage is not intended to respond to incidents that may arise from duties that are purely administrative in nature. If you are not involved in hands-on nursing, but are still working in an administrative capacity, your employer most likely covers these types of errors and omissions. Consult with your facility’s risk manager or your supervisor for confirmation.

  • Q: I hold two different healthcare professional licenses. Can I obtain coverage for both?

    Ans: We provide coverage for over 80 different types of healthcare professional licenses and certifications. We will cover you for any of those licenses that you hold. Your premium will be determined by whichever of your licenses carries the highest exposure.

    For example, you may be licensed as a Registered Nurse and an EMT-Basic. Your premium would be based on the higher exposure, in this case the EMT-Basic. Coverage for the other profession would be added to your policy for no additional cost.

  • Q: What kinds of activities might trigger a disciplinary action by a licensing board and/or state regulatory agency?

    Ans: The fact is anyone can file a complaint against you with the state board for any reason—even your own employer—and it doesn’t have to be solely connected to your professional duties. You’ve studied and worked hard for your license, and it should be safeguarded. All complaints need to be taken seriously, no matter how trivial or unfounded they may appear.

    Our current License Protection coverage reimburses you for your defense of disciplinary charges and other covered expenses arising out of a covered incident. We understand the importance of your license to your livelihood and will help you preserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Professional Liability

$1 million each claim;
$6 million annual aggregate

Defendant Expense Benefit

$1,000 per day;
$25,000 annual aggregate

Damage to Property of Others

$10,000 incident;
$10,000 annual aggregate

Assault – includes Workplace Violence Counseling*

$25,000 annual aggregate

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Coverage And Limits

License Protection

$25,000 annual aggregate

Information Privacy

$25,000 annual aggregate

Sexual Misconduct

$25,000 sublimit

Deposition Representation

$10,000 annual aggregate

First Aid

$25,000 sublimit

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